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Skilfully written cover letters are more important than resumes. Why? Because the main purpose and objective is to land you the job of your dreams. Many times a resume ends-up in the rubbish bin especially when it doesn't do its job and inspire the reader. If it doesn't grab the reader and hold their interest then there's a good chance you might not even get your resume read. You can view an effective sample cover letter on this website.

So that you maximise the opportunity to present your skills and job experience, you need to write your letter in such a way that the person reading it believes that you're the person for the position of employment. The prime objective of your cover letter should be to convince the reader how you will be able to contribute positively to the company, not what you'd like from the company.

Think of your accompanying letter as a love letter. Yes, a love letter which portrays your true feelings. It's essential that it's read in such a way that the person reading it feels like you're in the room having a person to person conversation.

Don't rush writing your cover letter but expend as much time and effort needed to cover main and your personal objectives. Again, a letter is your very first line of defence in securing a good job. Put forth the necessary time and energy required formulating a professionally-written letter, and you'll increase your chance of success.

Writing A Cover Letter

Initial sentence and first paragraph: submit why you're composing the cover letter; and precisely how you heard of the corporation or business, and about the job being made available. In the second sentence tell the reader just about all that you believe is the main reason for this cover letter.

Second paragraph: evidence why you have a keen interest in the company and/or type of employment the employer performs (A simple statement that you're curious is not sufficient enough, and in most cases it will read like it's a generic type of a form letter). Show that you recognise sufficient information about the employer or post.

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In addition, touch on your background knowledge to the reader of your cover letter. Bring up specialised qualifications which establish you as an excellent candidate for the position and the company's needs. In this paragraph concentrate on what you are able to do for the company, instead of what the employer offer you. This is a chance to outline to greater extent pertinent particulars in your curriculum vitae. Touch on the fact that your CV is in an enclosed sealed envelope for consideration and professional evaluation.

Acknowledgment of any other enclosures is also best done at this time and in this paragraph.

The all important third paragraph: Mention that you'd like the chance for an audience in person with the interviewer to personally discuss the available job position. In addition, mention that you would also like to learn a lot more regarding the company's employment opportunities and/or their company's policy for hiring.

Submit what you'll be willing to do and offer to follow up by email or telephone. You could also make a point of mentioning that you will be in the general area, and could be available for an interview at a time that is most suitable to the employer. Use this paragraph to further mention that you'll only be too happy to provide the person with any supplemental info they may require. End the letter by thanking the employer in advance for his or her time and consideration in this matter.

(Important: the body copy of your cover letter may be formatted into three but preferably into four carefully worded paragraphs. Deliberate first as to how you would like to express yourself and come across in the letter. At all times it must appear as a professionally-written letter and in a professional business like fashion.)

This website offers a large selection of cover letter templates. You can use a cover letter template at no cost to you whatsoever. These letters provide the wording and style you should write. They're easily modified to suit your personal needs and requirements.

It's important that you refer to the actual advertisement and the criteria outlined along with the job description. Highlight your skills, abilities and job experience. Use language that's particular to the profession you're applying for. Also, endeavour to clearly identify yourself with that type of occupation you're seeking.

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Essential letter requirements

Information Check that your letter (and resume) is neatly typed and formatted correctly. It should be presented on white A4 size paper. Industry professionals suggest leaving a 3-4cm margin so that the reader can jot down his or her notes. Have another person to read aloud your letter, and check for any spelling errors and grammatical inconsistencies.

Tips Do not mail your first written-draft because the old saying: "first impressions count" can hold true when it comes to letters. You should also retain a copy of the letter and additional notes you may have taken down in regards to the person to whom you are sending your letter. Remember writing a cover letter isn't something you want to rush. Take your time and re-read this information carefully.

Points If your letter is purposely written and addressed to a specific person then it's a good idea to phone the company first, and check if you're details correct. For example: name of person, correct spelling of the street address, etc. However, as a last resort, you may have to use the introduction of Dear Sir or Madam if you're not able to get the actual name of the person in charge of the job interviews.

Job Description It's a must for you to project your personality and enthusiasm for the job position on offer. Companies look to employ those who are outgoing, and happy to accept alternative roles and positions of responsibility.

For more detailed information and how to structure a cover letter please click writing a cover letter. Thank you for visiting our website. We hope these templates will be of benefit to you.

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